Avranches - Near Mont St Michel and overlooking the bay with several places to visit including the manuscripts of Mont St Michel Abbey at the Town Hall. There are gardens and a Museum. It was in Avranches that Henry II made public penance for the murder of Thomas Beckett.

Avranches is a city that was bombed during the WWII, and was reconstructed in great haste. But still a lot of the old city was preserved. World War II was the last great ordeal, after 4 years of German occupation, the American bombings destroyed the vast majority of the town. However in succeeding the "breakthrough of Avranches", General Patton's tanks delivered the town on the 31 July 1944 and this became the prelude to the liberation of the country.

The city was initially built by the Celts. An old castle (dated back to 950) ruin is still in the center of the city.

Avranches has a full range of activities to enjoy on your holiday, for both parents and children, including many restaurants and bars, skating rinks, bowling and theme parks.

For much more detailed information to help you plan your holiday please visit the Avranches Tourism website.