Clecy Golf Club

Clecy Golf Club, which is built on an extremely undulating, wooded and pastured, 100-acre property- its fairways, intertwine with nature over 6 kms commanding a superb panorama of the region. Early birds should not be afraid of the jumping hares or put off by the occasional deer at Clecy Golf Club. Two courses wind back to the enchanting manor clubhouse where the welcome is both warm and friendly. The course was designed by Bill Baker and is an excellent test for the technical golfer with its undulating fairways.

Real haven of peace for golfers, the Clécy golf course stretches out on the hill of the "Suisse Normande" (Norman Switzerland). Perched at the top of a side, it offers an impressive panoramic view. The drives get sometimes lost in the sky before coming down on hilly fairways which offer numerous contradictory feelings to every golfer, such as fear or joy...Every hole of the Clécy Golf Course will stay in your memory for the rest of your "golfer life". This 5967-metre long golf course offers 18 holes.

For more information please visit the Clecy Golf Club website.