Bayeux - At the heart of Basse-Normandie and at the west of Caen in the Calvados,Bayeux is a rich destination where is mixed Normandy tourist sites and places more intimate, unusual and surprising ...

This is essentially the story that the Bayeux owes its international renown. Everyone remembers from William the Conqueror, the most famous of the Dukes of Normandy including the Bayeux Tapestry shows the conquest of the Kingdom of England in 1066, the Allied landings on 6 June 1944, the largest military operation of all time has had the memory of the Bayeux, but also the battle that led Formigny the Hundred Years' War to an end.

Bordering the English Channel more than 60 km, the coastline enjoys Bayeux of many measures of protection. It alternates sandy beaches for the practice of water sports the most varied and high cliffs with splendid views. Nestled at the bottom of large valleuses, fishing ports keep alive a tradition of secular sea and offer visitors a permanent.

The interior of the land gives way to a verdant grove brightened by the gentle valleys of the Aure, the Seulles and DrĂ´me. Farm-houses, castles, abbeys and charming countryside villages, all walkers recalled here that the Bayeux owes its prosperity to a farming tradition that has always been of Isigny a vintage milk among the most famous of France.

For lovers of nature and serenity, the forest Cerisy south and the Regional Natural Park of the marshes to the west make a destination Bayeux quality rich in discoveries.

Finally, the capital of the Bayeux miraculously spared during the landings, Bayeux has preserved the charm of a historic city with character. Around the Cathedral and the safeguarded area or along the river to explore the trades of the past, a stroll through the old Bayeux is always a pleasure.

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