Coutainville Golf Club

Coutainville’s 18-hole course is located at the heart of this seaside resort and was founded in 1925. Coutainville is a course where the winds of west and the influence of the tide contribute to enrich the feeling of playing in a natural environment.

1st Hole - An easy par three to start. From the raised tee, don't forget the wind and watch out for the stream in front of the green.
2nd hole - A relatively short par five, made interesting by two shots over water. A large lake to the right of the tee waits for that over hit fade trying to get the distance off the tee, while those who play safe, will still have a third shot over water to an elevated green defended by two bunkers.
3rd hole - A par three with a wickedly sloping green left to right- Don't leave yourself above the pin! 4th hole - A straightforward par five, long hitters can get on in two. Keep left away from the lateral water hazard which comes into play as you approach the green.
5th hole - Head out over the bunker for an easier second shot, though if the wind is against, you'll be a good player to get near in two!
6th hole - A short par three, surrounded by bunkers-you'll need to hit it high to stop it in summer-and in winter just watch the wind take it.
7th hole - Fairly long par four (especially from the back tee). Keep right for the most direct line, but most will keep further left-the rough is punishing in spring. Be warned, the green is quite a way past those bunkers.
8th hole - A par three, hidden behind a bunker, and further protected by out of bounds along the left side and a steep slope on the left of the green.
9th hole - Another par three-possibly the hardest. The domed green makes putting tough and the elevated tee makes club selection all important.
10th hole - A short par four with a hidden elevated green, but the real problem is the lake which comes into play down the left hand side of the fairway. Play away from this and you may find the long rough on the right... GOOD LUCK!
11th hole - Stroke index 1, The hardest on the course. Out of bounds tight on the right all the way down the hole, and a very narrow target at the end with the O.B. still on the right but with a lateral water hazard on the left-.If you hit a good drive you'll still be 130m out.
12th hole - Par four dogleg right, harder than it looks. The second shot isn't too long, so it may pay to leave the driver in the bag, and make sure of the fairway.
13th hole - Pretty par three with a large sloping green. Don't leave yourself a downhill putt in summer.
14th hole - Par four dogleg left. Long hitters cut the corner, but often end up regretting it. Should be simple. The second shot over the bunker is easier if you're not too close!
15th hole - Long par five which the wind can make horrible. Aim to the left (just right of the tree with the mistletoe) to keep away from the O.B. and lateral hazards on the right, and for an easier route to the green with you (hopefully) third shot.
16th hole - Carry the marshy area, and there are no real problems to this par three!- Only you cant feel the wind from the tee, so be very careful with club choice-better be long in the bunker, than teeing up again.
17th hole - Par four dogleg left, beginning to tire now, don't lose concentration on this drive. O.B. on your right, trees waiting on the left. If you can find the fairway, the green wont be far away-though you'll do well to two putt from distance on this one!
18th hole - Unless the wind is in your face, here's your best birdie chance, to send you back to the clubhouse with a smile. A short straight par four-no excuses here!

For further information please visit the Coutainville Golf Club website.